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Validate demand or usability on a clickable prototype or live feature!

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How Validately Works

Validate Features or Products Within Minutes!

We make it easy to test demand or usability with pre-set templates that are editable for your needs. Set-up takes only a few minutes and you will get responses within an hour. You can also follow-up with testers. Does NOT require code added to your site.

Compatible with:

  • Axshare
  • Invision

We Source Testers for You

Validate a feature with potential customers using our segmented panel. We offer many targeting options, including: job title, if have children, if employed, if married/single, and basic demographics. Or run tests on your existing customers with our automated in-product messaging.

Interpreting Results is Easy!

Tired of watching long videos of user tests to figure out feedback? Us too! Validately makes it easy to analyze & interpret results. Filter test feedback based on funnel reports and heat maps. Review charts of qualitative feedback. Watch the playback of a tester’s activities as they navigated through your prototype or live feature. We record the tester’s activities without requiring a messy browser plug-in or download.

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What Our Customers Say

"Validately is changing the culture of our company and how we work. Using Validately makes us more transparent. Everyone on our team knows what's going on with our product. It allows us to validate feedback with our team and customers and makes organizing that feedback more transparent."

Jeff Douglas

"Testing before we built with Validately, saved us 3 months of development, product and design work."

Maggie Shih

"Validately makes it easy and frictionless - free to get customer responses to designs and ideas, so I can iterate - and learn - much faster. Validately is going to help me and other product managers get better products to market faster."

Nils Davies Ph.D.

Q: How much does Validately cost?

A: We charge per test*, so you can get as much feedback from as many reviewers as you want, our analytics engine will let you slice and dice the results to quickly gain insight.
* You can purchase an external review panel at $10 / response. Testing on your own users or internal stakeholders incurs no additional cost.

Q: Does this service work on mobile?

A: Yes. Validately allows you to target specific devices. You can limit your tests to reviewers on mobile or desktop or both.

Q: What if I have my own prototype already?

A: No problem, We fully support external prototyping tools like Invision and Axure, and even custom HTML prototypes. Simply cut and paste in the share URL into Validately and instantly generate recordings and feedback.

Q: Can I record any site?

A: Our technology works with all modern mobile and desktop browsers. Simply send a prototype to your reviewers, and we’ll capture and record the entire session (no messy plugins required), for you to watch later on.