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The old way

User testing shouldn’t be this hard

Old way user research

How much time are you spending on actual research? Not time recruiting test participants. Not using tools that weren’t built for research. Not preparing elaborate reports. How much time actually talking to users?

The new way

Validately takes the pain out of user testing

new way user research

Validately is a comprehensive solution for user research that includes a dedicated testing platform, recruiting services, and automated reporting. We help you spend more time actually focused on research.


Spend less time recruiting test participants and more time on research

Validately manages all the logistics of recruiting test participants.
We’ll source, schedule, set up the technology, perform day of confirmations, backfill extra testers, and pay incentive payments. Provide us with the test participant criteria and your availability and we’ll do the rest.


Moderated Recruiting

Use your exact test participant criteria and unlimited screener questions and we’ll recruit for your moderated research studies in 5 business days.


We manage all logistics to recruit from your customer list for your moderated research studies. We’ll oversee all screening, scheduling, and payment.


Use basic demographics and screener questions to source test participants for your unmoderated research studies. $15 per response.

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Our platform is specifically built for user testing

Conduct moderated research studies at every stage of product development to validate hypotheses early and often.

Testing moderated

Research Tools

Our dedicated testing platform includes screen sharing, note taking, clip creation, video sharing, and more.

Desktop and Mobile

Test prototypes, websites, and applications (including native apps) on desktop and mobile (iOS and Android).

Unlimited Observers

Stakeholders can join live sessions as observers and Collaborators can take time-stamped notes.

Unmoderated testing

Focus on feedback – no matter what format or platform

Record think-aloud studies, capture video and audio as users complete specific tasks, and ask follow up survey questions.

Testing unmoderated

Easy Setup

Create unmoderated studies with unlimited tasks and follow up questions in minutes.

Desktop and Mobile

Test prototypes, websites, and applications on desktop and mobile (iOS and Android).

Simple Recruiting

Recruit test participants for a 15 minute session for only $15/per participant or BYO test participants at no cost.


Create research reports in minutes and share them with teammates

Validately’s Insights Report largely automates the process of preparing post-study reports.



All of your notes and videos are organized in one place to help you easily analyze your research data and make clear recommendations for stakeholders.


Add comments, images, quotes, and key takeaways with video evidence and feedback from real users.


Share your Insights Report with stakeholders with one URL. The report will automatically update when edited or new data is added.

Praise for Validately

Becky Buck

Becky Buck

UX Manager
@ Amazon

“Validately enabled the workflows we needed most and makes it super easy to share insights with product managers and scrum teams who can't sit in on every session.”

Jeff Gothelf


@ LeanUX

“Validately ensures companies get quick access to the real-world market insight they need to make the best decisions.”

Sarah O'Donnell

Sarah O'Donnell

UX Analyst / Researcher
@ GitLab

“Really impressed with the product. I've previously used WhatUsersDo and UserTesting and think Validately is far superior!”

Josh Tolman

Josh Tolman

Senior Product Manager
@ HireVue

“Validately is the linchpin tool that brought user-focused design to our process. We took user testing from 'if we have time' to 'every week' because of it.”

Denise Melick

Denise Melick

Business Analyst
@ Chubb

“A findings report is a key deliverable, so having the tool assist with creating that report is critical. Now that I’ve used the Insights Report, I can’t imagine not having it.”